The Original Wallahatchie Company...    crafters of remarkable leather goods.


Wallahatchie is a state of mind for me. I love anything to do with the outdoors. And although my business keeps me inside most of the time, I dream of ways to get outdoors. Take me fishing in the awesome gulf waters or fly fishing for bream in a friend’s farm pond.  Take me riding horses on mountain trails or hunting quail on a South Georgia preserve. One of my favorite sayings is that “time spent outdoors is not deducted from one’s lifespan”. I grew up camping and still consider hiking In the mountains of New Mexico as a boy scout among my fondest memories .

I have a wooden sign in my store with a quote from Winston Churchill that simply says, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” That sign is why The Original Wallahatchie Company began with leather and craftsmanship. The feel, the aroma, the quality and the pride we have in knowing that our products will outlast most items is why we hope you will find them not only unique, but maybe,  just maybe they’ll bring a little of the outside in for you.

Please visit us often. We have many projects on the drawing board and look forward to posting them on our site.

Tom  Buckelew